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The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten

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The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweetness Of Low Price Is Forgotten.

Quote from the Founding Father of America Benjamin Franklin.

Why do you think this man is on the $100 bill?

This is economics and it seems that some shoppers can't figure out that low price means low quality, so don't set your standards to high when you buy things that are inexpensive this is illogical and not acceptable behavior as an adult.

Low priced items are fine if you are using them for parts, modifying them in an experiment, being rough and tough with them, just want to see if you like the style, there are plenty of logical reasons one can buy low priced items.

However, it is illogical to ever think that lower priced items compare in quality, this is constant with all things that consumer purchase legal or illegal in the market for exhange of goods and services.

Sadly Americans seem not to understand the founding father and his principles and consume junk from China and mistake it for quality.  If you have this problem you will be purchacing things in your life repeatedly to replace the inexpensive things you consume and it will cost you more money with this behavior.  It is best that you save your money and purchase a higher quality item that comes with a higher price so that it lasts you longer.

The price you think is expensive is not what the market delivers to you for quality either.  American made knives are better quality but they start at $100, this is base entry, same is applied to Italian and German, you get the bottom of the barrel so yes they are better than the Chinese stuff in some cases but not quality as you think should come with $100 knife because you are comparing it to $15 junk from China.  The top quality is typically $400 so make your comparisons correctly.

Take the time to educate yourself.  Do research.  Fact check.  Go to www.24-7Knives.com and ask questions from other buyers to see their opinions on items.

Be an educated consumer not some ignorant key stroke pusing impulse shopper as they have manipulated you to be.

Take the time to be an individual and ask other individuals things and learn to communicate.

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