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Bundeswehr Type 2 Rosewood Fallschirmjäger-Messer German Paratrooper Gravity OTF Knife

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Rosenholz Deutsche Schwerkraft Messer Military Paratrooper Gravity Knife

Type II Flieger Kapp Messer TAKE DOWN VERSION (Built To WW2 Specifications)

WW2 Style German Military Paratrooper Search & Rescue Gravity Knife. Type 2 Flieger Kapp Messer

Take-down version. Blade falls out of the handle (gravity drop) and locks with lever.

By flipping the trigger away from the knife and depressing it, the blade can be extended with a flick of the wrist.

By holding the knife blade-up and depressing the trigger a second time, the blade slides back in the handle.

These knives are very hard to find..

The knife has a rosewood handle.

Steel Top Bolster

Solid Steel metal parts

This knife also has a marlin spike designed to wedge knots apart.

The blade measures approx. 4"

The overall length of the knife open is 10”

Closed is approx. 6"

The marlin spike is approx. 3.5".

This model is great for stealing parts off them to repair original models, all the parts are sized correctly to the orginals.

If you are an anal retentive American bastard you will not like this item.  It is cheap, nothing like the originals that go for thousands of dollars, no one else on the planet has a problem understanding that these are intended to steal parts off them or to use as a re-enactment prop for theater or movies, or if you are a regular guy that just wants an example of a gravity knife.  This is not intended to be a collection piece, so again if you are that asshat American, read things and pull your finger out of your asshole.  These are not the Rolls Royce of things and not an original just pull your head out of your ass and look at the price.  Price always reflects things, so pull your shit together, if the rest of the world can understand this then Americans need a swift kick in the ass and this sort of message to tell them to pull their shit toghether.  I am disappointed and disgusted that I have to write shit like this for items but the stupidity of Americans is really no laughing matter and fucking pisses me off to know end that we are the laughing stock and considered Europes retarded cousins.

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