Switchblade Automatic Knives From Around The World


Out The Front Gravity Paratrooper Automatic Switchblade Knives

Out The Front Gravity Paratrooper Knives use gravity to deploy the blade or centrifugal force.

The earliest Gravity Knives are from the 1800's and are American Designed.

1862-Wisner-Patent#35,964- Gravity Knife
1871-Lyman-Patent#110,986- OTF Knife
1876-Evens-Patent#174,417 - Gravity Knife
1877-Scholfeild-Patent#187,051- OTF Gravity Knife
1877-Manuel-Whitehouse-Patent#191,063- OTF Gravity Knife
1881-Rischow-Patent#242,985- Gravity Knife
1881-Kayser-Patent#243,071- Gravity Knife
1882-Fiske-Patent#255,847- Gravity Knife
1883-Lincoln-Patent#286,209- Gravity Knife
1884-Kaldenbach-Patent#292,917- OTF Gravity Knife
1884-Heysinger-Patent#307,767- OTF Gravity Knife-"Novelty"
1885-Rockwell-Patent#317,208- OTF Gravity Knife
1886-Pusey-Patent#338,612- OTF Gravity Knife
1886-Hunt-Patent#407,863- OTF Gravity Knife
1891-Franklin-Patent#456,087-OTF Gravity Knife
1892-von Bultzingslowen-Patent#472,104-Gravity Knife
1892-Billings-Patent#470,77-Gravity Knife
1892-Franklin-Patent#457,306-OTF Gravity Knife
1894-von Bultzingslowen-Patent#515,743-Gravity Knife
1894-Cook-Patent#515,743-Gravity Knife
1896-Gardener-Patent#569,452-OTF Gravity Knife

There are FIVE Types of Paratrooper Gravity Knives from Germany

Type I Flieger Kapp Messer WWII era (1937 - 1941)
Made by Paul Weyersberg & Co., SMF Solingen, F. & A. Helbig Steinbach and various others.

Type II Flieger Kapp Messer WWII era TAKE DOWN VERSION (1941 - end of WWII)
Made by Paul Weyersberg & Co., Weyersberg also made models marked with example: `RB Nr.0/0561/0020

Type III Flieger Kapp Messer TRAP DOOR (1955 - 1961)
Made by Eickhorn & Anton Wingen

Type IV Flieger Kapp Messer TAKE DOWN VERSION (1961 - 1979)
Made by WMF, OWF & Eickhorn

Type V Flieger Kapp Messer LL80 TAKE DOWN VERSION (1979 - Present)
Made by Eickhorn, & Eickhorn for Colt

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